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Staghorn bow info?

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Turkeyfoot 31-Mar-12
Stealth2 31-Mar-12
KEG 31-Mar-12
Turkeyfoot 01-Apr-12
Dirts 13-Jun-18
From: Turkeyfoot
Date: 31-Mar-12

Found a couple old Staghorn recurves to be auctioned off tomorrow. One is an XP model, 50#@28" with dual stabalizers and 60". The other is an XP that's 55@28" and 60" with single stabalizer. Both 60's models I'd bet! Any info on these and worth would be greatly appreciated!

From: Stealth2 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 31-Mar-12

I believe brand new back in the late 60's early 70's, they retailed for around $79. A lot of money back then....Bruin Archery, Mike Steglia has reproduced the Staghorn. I'd call him and get his opinion.

From: KEG
Date: 31-Mar-12

I have a copy of an old Staghorn catalog stating that the Staghorn Archery company started making bows in 1951 in Merrill Wisconsin. The catalog that I have lists the Classic (target bow)as the most expensive bow at $195.00. The cheapest bow is the Badger at $59.50. I cannot find a date on the catalog indicating when it was issued. In the catalog the XP-60 sold for $89.50 and was called their "Top Hunting Bow." The bow could be ordered in either green or brown glass and the sight windows were special ordered and could be: cut to center, 1/8", 3/16", or 1/4" cut past center. I have a XP-60 at 46# with brown glass and it is a nice looking and shooting bow. Couple of other notes. The serial number has the manufacturing date embedded if you know how to read it(I don't). They made a longer 64" bow called the XP-64. I believe the "XP" stood for experimental. At the time of the catalog the company made 23 models in five series.

From: Turkeyfoot
Date: 01-Apr-12

Thanks for the info guys! I'll have to make that fatal decision as to which bow to bid on today, LOL!

From: Dirts
Date: 13-Jun-18

In the 60's when going to high school I was lucky enough to have a brother in law adapt me as his bow hunting partner. He lived in Woodruff Wis and I in Rhinelander and we mostly hunted around Woodruff in Vilas county. He owned a 45lb. Staghorn bow and my sister had a 40 lb. staghorn bow. He worked at the DNR hatchery so he would also take me out when he checked the fyke nets for musky that he would milk for spawn. We would travel all the logging roads in search of deer and ruffed grouse. I was lucky enough to watch him harvest several deer throughout the years. He always used bodkin heads and I was a fan of Fred Bear from watching him on the American Sportsman on t.v. So I used Bear razor heads. My father did not hunt so my guided hunts were such a gift and were an opportunity to fuel my love and appreciation of the outdoors. I was elated and surprised to see an ad for Staghorn Archery in a copy of Tradarchers World.

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