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Tenbrook Archery 60 inch Longbow 50# at 28" Mint

Submitted: 19-Jan-14


Make: Tenbrook Archery
Price: $450.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Diebold55

Detailed Description and Photos:

Diebold55's embedded Photo

For Sale: A 62" 50# at 28" Tenbrook Archery custom flex/deflex longbow (1-week old). Core is bamboo. Fastflight "Skinny" SBD String, cut to center riser The brace height 7-7.5", and the nock height is 5/8". (25 arrows shot out of it). (Mint) I decided to go with a recurve. Custom retail cost was $695.00. I am asking $450 TYD. My loss your gain! I spoke with Cody Dumont the Bowyer and Owner of Tenbrook Archery, and he said that he would extend the two year warranty to whomever buys it. Cody is a real pleasure to deal with if you need anything done with the bow. Here is a review on the exact model of bow by the Inked Archer: $450 TYD includes shipping and Insurance. Paypal or I can take a CC over the phone through my Office.

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