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Looking for vintage Bear bows

Submitted: 21-Nov-13


Make: Bear
Price: $10,000.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Mojostick

Detailed Description and Photos:

I'm looking for older Bear bows, right hand, around 35lbs, in very good to minty condition. Refinished is fine, if done well. I've had shoulder issues/surgery and I'm not interested in anything over 40lbs. I have some fantastic older Bear's in the most coveted models in the 40-45lb range that I'd be willing to trade. I'm looking for Kodiaks from 1956-1970's Super Kodiak's in the 30-39lb range. Both 60 and 64", although 64" is better. Kodiak Specials from 1956-1961 in the 30-39lb range. I'm open to any length. I'm a sucker for really nice, longer 1958-1960 KS's in low weights. Grizzly's from 1954-1963, in the same 30-39lbs range. I'd be interested in a minty '59 Alaskan, around 35lbs. I'm looking for right hand only and in at least very nice shape and/or refinished in great shape. I'm not interested in any bows with major cracks, twisted limbs or any 58" Grizzly's or Kodiak Hunters.

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