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port orford cedar arrows

Submitted: 17-Oct-20


Make: Julia Norris
Price: $22,068.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Tradarcherychamp

Detailed Description and Photos:

Tradarcherychamp's embedded Photo

I have four and 1/2 dozen arrows for sale. All are 11/32 port orford cedar shafts by Wapiti archery. They are all 30" to back of point, have snap nocks and 125 gr. field points. I sell arrows by the 1/2 dozen or full dozen $60 for 6, $120 for 12 and $10 shipping. 6 arrows sent in triangle mailing tube, 12 sent in arrow box. 1. Blue crown 45-50# spine, 480-490 grain wt ,4" shield cut fletching, 2 dyed wild turkey blue ,with white cock feather. there are 7of these for the price of 6 2. White crown 55-60# spine, 510-520 grain wt, 4" parabolic fletching, 2 orange, White cock feather 3. Yellow crown 55-60# spine, 495-505 grain wt 4"shield fletching, two yellow dyed wild turkey with black cock feather 4. Blue crown, 55-60# spine, 500-510 grain wt, 4" shield fletching, 2 blue dyed wild turkey, white cock feather 5. White crown, 60-65# spine, 520-30 grain wt., 5" shield fletching , 2 orange, white cock feather

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