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A&H RH 3 piece TD ACS-CX Longbow

Submitted: 26-Mar-20


Make: A&H
Price: $850.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: VADanno

Detailed Description and Photos:

VADanno's embedded Photo

RH 3 piece TD ACS-CX Longbow, built November 2013. 14” JT riser, with upgraded Predator Fall Grey camo finish and bocote grip. 62” carbon limbs with dirty bamboo upgraded laminations, 51#@28”. This bow outperforms all my other bows, regardless of weight. It’s 10 fps faster than a 58# BW longbow, 2 fps faster than a 51# Win & Win Quarbon Nano, and 5 fps faster than a 53# BW recurve (all shooting the same 650 grain arrows). I paid $1310 for it, and mostly shot it on my home range. I did take it elk hunting last year in Wyoming. After missing 3 grouse (which I seldom did with my Black Widow longbow), I have decided to move this bow on. My brain can’t adjust to the speed, though my shoulder and elbow love the draw weight. Save over 30% over a new bow, and you don’t have to wait 6 months for them to build it. Includes everything you get with the new bow: soft case for bow when taken down, bow stringer, plunger button, all paperwork, & original string. Please let me know if you want more pictures. Thanks!

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