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Unique PCHX 48# @ 28", 60" overall

Submitted: 12-Aug-19


Make: Black Widow
Price: $900.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: Longbowman

Detailed Description and Photos:

Longbowman's embedded Photo

Unique, one-of-a-kind, left-hand bow made with Macassar Ebony and Desert Ironwood. A piece of Desert Ironwood large enough to make a riser is extremely difficult to find and expensive. I finally found the wood online, and Black Widow created a custom bow from it (the first time they had made a bow with this wood). It's 60" overall and has a pull of 48 pounds at 28". This bow has the low wrist grip as well. It's in very good condition. Email me at with questions, as I don't always check the private messages on the Leatherwall site.

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