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Talon Swift recurve, 60", 55#

Submitted: 17-Jul-19


Make: Dave Paxton
Price: $350.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: eidsvolling

Detailed Description and Photos:

eidsvolling's embedded Photo

I'm helping a friend find a trade or a buyer for his Dave Paxton Talon Swift recurve, RH, 60", 55# at 28 inches. FWIW, my friend is a retired police chief and my closest friend. He prefers to trade for an equal quality longbow between 45 and 53 lbs, 60 or 62 inches. This bow was modified by its original owner to include a Bear coin. (Some of you will know that Dave Paxton modeled the Swift after the '59 Kodiak.) There is a small riser crack visible in the photo. The crack has been examined by an expert bow refinisher, who concluded that it is aesthetic only and could be stabilized with SuperGlue. My friend bought the bow from the original owner. I have personally shot this bow and feel very good about recommending it for sale or trade; I own an identical bow (without the coin). I have several additional pictures showing the rest of the bow that I am happy to share. Feel free to ask any questions. The bow is in New Hampshire; I'm in Minnesota.

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