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Pearson 954 T/D

Submitted: 09-Jun-19


Make: Pearson
Price: $12,345.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: Mike E

Detailed Description and Photos:

Mike E's embedded Photo

64" 51# but feels more like 54ish,, Cat# 954, ser. B-1222, '56-'57 I believe, VG condition. Finish was flakey, I scraped it off threw some paint on it and 5 coats wipe-on poly. Does have some minor handling marks. Shoots righty or lefty. Tips are solid, limbs straight, connection is tight when put together. Shows little evidence of being shot much, very fast, quiet smooth shooting bow. I'm looking to trade for an identical 954 in 45-48#'s ONLY. Don't waste your time with offers to buy or trade another kind of bow. More pics, I will call if you leave me your ph.#. Thanks,,Mike

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