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Tradtech Pinnacle II ILF recurve, clear glass limb

Submitted: 11-May-19


Make: TradTech
Price: $123,456.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: dgmeadows

Detailed Description and Photos:

dgmeadows's embedded Photo

I thought I had a trade deal worked out, but other party has dropped communication so I am reposting. Tradtech Pinnacle II ILF 19" riser with Tradtech clear glass wood grain limbs, 40#, 62" AMO. Very good condition, minimal handling marks, have to look close to find. I'm looking to trade for another ILF bow or riser with more mass weight. Will consider 19" or shorter risers, machined aluminum or phenolic, etc. Will trade full bow for full bow, or maybe full bow for just riser if riser is of adequate value. I don't get email notices from Leatherwall so for faster response, text 706 449 1566 for pics, offers, questions, etc.

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