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Chief 62" 45#

Submitted: 10-Jan-19


Make: Allen Boice
Price: $450.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: oregonarcher2012

Detailed Description and Photos:

This is a new Chief 62" slight reflex/deflex longbow built by Allen Boice in Roseburg, Oregon. Allen built me this recurve with bamboo core, maple, bocote, yew lambs with a built up grip. The bow was used only 1 season before my slight shoulder problem became a bigger problem. This bow shoots aluminum 2117, 400 spine, or 45/70 wood arrows and I shoot 28" draw. It is configured for split finger release, but shoots great three under. The bow comes with a soft sleeve, stringer and tabs if you want them. I shot this bow at the North American Longbow Safari with wood arrows at 45 pound draw. I was pleased to have been able to do that for my last outing. Contact me for pictures at: I will ship the bow and extras for $450/insured.

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