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Border Griffon GL 2-Piece Takedown 68" 61@28

Submitted: 07-Nov-18


Make: Border
Price: $575.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: PistolPete

Detailed Description and Photos:

PistolPete's embedded Photo

Incredible bow, all carbon, no fiberglass, with beautiful cocobolo riser, buffalo horn riser overlay, elm veneers on limbs. I had Tom Parsons (Kimsha Archery) add the Connexion hinge to make it a 2-piece (so I could put the bow in my backpack while carrying elk meat!); he did a fantastic job. I've owned it for a couple years and hunted with it a few times but just don't use it much anymore. These bows are scorching fast, but very stable and still make a D-shape when strung. Amazing creation and one-of-a-kind bow! Check out Pete Ward's glowing review: t.border.griffon.html I have more good pics for anyone interested; just let me know! Thanks.

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