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Black Widow PSA III Left Hand 60"

Submitted: 07-Nov-18


Make: Black widow
Price: $800.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Ralph

Detailed Description and Photos:

I have a Black Widow PSA III Autumn Oak,Left Hand, I ordered from Black Widow and just got a couple weeks ago and is in new condition.I put it together and strung and shot it a few times hoping my back had healed enough to shoot but after a few shots my back let me know I can't. So I am going to try and sell it as the Doc says it might be a while until I can if ever shoot a bow much any more. The bow is a 3 piece take down,Autumn Oak finish,standard grip,48# @ 28 limbs,60",it has 2 brass inserts in the riser for a quiver(factory installed),in perfect shape . I am including all factory stuff,DVD,Owners,manual,BW stringer,decal,Wooly Whispers string silencers,pack of nocks,string,limb tip protector,allen wrench. Also to sweeten this deal I am including in the price a new Thunderhorn Sidewinder quiver with the Black Widow logo on it($107.00 and I did put 5 field tip arrows in the quiver and did put it on the bow when I shot it),a camo soft side takedown bow case with the BW logo.

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