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Early bear cub Longbow 45#

Submitted: 06-Nov-18


Make: Bear
Price: $200.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: Bear53

Detailed Description and Photos:

Bear53's embedded Photo

Good condition for its age..shoots great has replacement rawhide leather handle stress cracks wanting to trade for different bear bow...I'm wanting a super Kodiak or takedown...not wanting a straight up trade...I can add cash...the bow also comes with bear tape on 4 arrow quiver ...and I can add some bear cedar arrows to the deal as well as some bear razorheads with bleeder blades ...I'm just not very accurate shooting off my hand...I prefer a bow with a arrow rest/sight window...can send pictures if interested...might be interested in other bear bows as well...let me know what youve got to part with

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