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Absolutley One of a Kind Original Adcock ACS

Submitted: 11-Oct-18


Make: O.L. Adcock
Price: $500.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: TOXOPHILIAC

Detailed Description and Photos:

TOXOPHILIAC's embedded Photo

Left Handed one of kind OL Adcock ACS one piece longbow experiment #5 in like new condition. I’m not exactly sure if this bow was refinished, but it’s in perfect condition! 64”, 47#@27” with bamboo cores under carbon on the back and clear glass on the belly. The riser is cocobola with cocobola, Black glass, and red glass overlays, same on the tips. There’s a name on the bow. Extremely quiet, super fast, incredibly forgiving/accurate! I absolutely hate to sell this bow, but can no longer shoot lefty, so no trades! PayPal(friend or family) postal money order $500.00 tyd insured. For more pictures text 432-553- 9690 or email Use these contacts as I don’t check Leatherwall near as much as I do the contacts I just gave you.

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