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Black Widow PSAII w/2 sets of limbs

Submitted: 11-Sep-18


Make: Black Widow
Price: $800.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: CDC

Detailed Description and Photos:

CDC's embedded Photo

I recently placed an add looking for a Tall Tines recurve and was able to get my hands on one. After shooting it a few day I have realized I like the grip on it way more than my Black Widow. I am now trying to see if I can get my hands on another Tall Tines around 55#. My Black Widow is a PSAII 60", with 2 sets of limbs. I have a set of 47#@28" and a set of 56#@27" which is what I keep on it. I would like to trade for a tall tines in the 50-55#. I am also not opposed to other bows but don't have anything in mind.

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