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Blacktail Elite VL 3pc takedown

Submitted: 09-Aug-18


Make: Blacktail Norm Johnson
Price: $850.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: RIX

Detailed Description and Photos:

RIX's embedded Photo

Blacktail Elite VL 3pc takedown recurve. RH 51# @ 28" This is a gorgeous example of a Norm Johnson bow. It has been modified w a small short brass rod at the back of the shelf for use w a rubber band as an arrow keeper. This was professionally done by a machinist, and secured w epoxy. If undesirable, it could be cut off and filed smooth. Woods? Not sure, tho Norm could probably tell you. Oregon Myrtle in the riser for sure. Looks like some maple overlays, and perhaps bocote or rosewood some some beautiful deep red exotic. Limbs have the tip overlays detail as well. A few very light nicks in the riser, but otherwise in 'A' condition. Shot very little, and only hunted from tree stands. If interested I can disassemble and provide the serial number for age and access to the wood details. Too many bows in the closet. This one belongs in a more deserving hand. More pics available on request.

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