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Outback 2 sets of limbs

Submitted: 11-Jul-18


Make: JV Outback
Price: $500.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: lone hunter

Detailed Description and Photos:

lone hunter's embedded Photo

I am offering this bow at a bargain price as I have other Outback's in the same weight and this bow needs to be shot. Outback's are a very hard hitting bows and don't take a back seat to other bows in the speed department. These bows don't come up for sale often as James doesn't advertise or sell commercially. He builds bows because he loves it and works on his own schedule with great attention to detail. Both sets of limbs make a 64" bow, One set is 52#@28 and the other is 58#@28. Price is shipped in lower 48 with PMO as payment method. Comes with bow sock and extra new string. Thanks for looking. Mike

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