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Poison Dart 2 piece bow bolt 62" 47 lbs at 28"

Submitted: 10-Jul-18


Make: Poison Dart
Price: $560.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: aaron

Detailed Description and Photos:

aaron's embedded Photo

For sale is a Poison Dart 2 piece takedown bow bolt longbow 62" 47 lbs at 28" in excellent condition. The bow does have a name written on it, it is hardly noticeable. I am not sure of the riser wood/veneers. The riser has G-10 thru the center (or some other composite material). It is solid in the hand with this additional mass. This is a great bow and the bowyer Buddy is a stand up guy. I just enjoy shooting a longer bow so I am letting this one go to a new home. I can email/text photos. $560 via PayPal shipped.

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