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4 great bows for sale prices reduced

Submitted: 10-Jul-18


Make: Wapiti/Robertson x 2/Sky Rogue
Price: $399.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Paratrooperx

Detailed Description and Photos:

I have four great bows for sale. Please contact me at for more information and pictures. Robertson Tribal Styk X model 62" recurve limbs and 60" longbow limbs. Both are 51#@28". Includes 3 strings. $825 TYD. Will sell the 60" Raven Styk limbs separately for $315 TYD. And 62" Tribal Styk for $500 TYD . Rare Robertson Raven Styk 64" longbow. 47#@28". $600 TYD. Wapiti Spike III 62" longbow. 49#@28". $475 TYD. Rare Sky Rogue one piece reflex/deflex 66" longbow. 55#@28". $399 TYD. Payments accepted are USPS Money Order and PayPal plus 4% of cost. No trades please. Thank you for your interest. RLTW!

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