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Elkheart By Java Man Archery 56” 68#

Submitted: 08-Jul-18


Make: Java Man Archery
Price: $900.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Jason D

Detailed Description and Photos:

Jason D's embedded Photo

Javaman Elkhart 68# at 28. 56” bow. Solid phenolic riser with T/D bolt Inside of the riser. Right handed. With three strings and a set of Navajo silencers. One 12 strand dynaflight 97. Also two 10 strand fast flight I believe. Curly chocolate spalted mango veneers with birdseye maple riser overlays and tips. Smooth water buffalo riser front overlay. Because of the many options, this bow was originally well over $1100. Asking $900 which includes shipping to your door in the continental US. This bow is in practically brand new condition with no scratches dings or dents. The red mark on the back of the riser is a bowyer’s mark under the finish that Gregg must’ve used to align the two pieces of the takedown. Gregg says that he uses a neutral tiller that accommodates three fingers under or split finger and that’s what this bow has. Here is what Gregg Coffey says about his Elkheart longbow: “This is the prime bow of Java Man Archery. Named for author Dave Petersen, the Elkheart is a short, mild forward handle reflex/deflex longbow which is extremely smooth drawing considering it’s length. The forward handle, in combination with the ergonomic grip, creates surprising stability for such a short bow. The Elkheart is quiet, compact, quick and highly maneuverable. We have incorporated every advantage into the design of the Elkheart.”

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