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For sale, LH r/d 66" 45# longbow

Submitted: 04-Jul-18


Make: Howard Hill
Price: $350.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: archchap

Detailed Description and Photos:

I am relisting this bow. I had it up a while back and a friend said he wanted it so I took it down. He kept stalling, so it is up for sale once more. This is a beautiful HH bow. I would not sell it but it is just too much # for my 76 yr old shoulders. Top of the line bow. Bamboo with black glass on front, dark brown riser wood, Antler tips, silver inlayed deer on riser, laced on grip leather (orig). No dings, cracks or scratches. Shoots hard for the weight. I will be happy to text pics. I might consider ILF stuff in trade. 25.00 to ship. Larry

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