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52” Goldenhawk Mag

Submitted: 15-May-18


Make: Cascade
Price: $325.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Let 'em fly

Detailed Description and Photos:

Let 'em fly's embedded Photo

This is by far the quietist bow I have shot. I just am not consistent enough for the 52” length with my release. It was smooth out to my 28”. Limbs have a unique speckling in the veneers. The original owner I bought it from confirmed if is in the veneer not the glass. Bow is marked 60@28 but I scaled it at 57@28. Send me an email address if you would like more photos and information. I might trade for a 3pc Longbow of equal value in the 45-50 pound range if Anyone is interested. Thanks for looking!

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