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19" Hoyt Satori with Border Hex 6 limbs

Submitted: 14-Apr-18


Make: Hot/Border
Price: $700.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Flyinokra

Detailed Description and Photos:

Flyinokra's embedded Photo

I selling my RH Hoyt Satori black out with Border hex 6 long limbs. The risers like new with case and 19" long. The limbs have been camo dipped and are in excellent condition except for some of the paint where the limb bolts rub. It has a new mountain muffler string and great northern strap on quiver. The quiver may need new foam its a little loos with broad heads but fine with field tips. The bow is between 46 and 47#'s at 28. If you would like more pics or have questions feel free to email me at Looking to only sell right now. $700 with free FedEx shipping CONUS. I do take PayPal if we can work around the 3% fee. Thanks Kevin

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