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Bear Kodiak Deluxe w/ sock

Submitted: 13-Feb-18


Make: Bear
Price: $600.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: Whauburger

Detailed Description and Photos:

Whauburger's embedded Photo

I have a 1960 Bear Kodiak Deluxe w/ original sock for sale. It is a 60" 50# bow. The bow is in overall good shape, no string included although I have strung it and shot it with a string off one of my other bows. There are a few minor white marks which seem to be paint scuffs, some striations on the outside of the glass on the limbs and a few other minor marks (not NIB flawless but very clean for this bow). The original leather and bristle rest are on although the leather is peeling a bit. No delamination on limbs and everything looks straight. The sock is original though in rough shape with some stains and is mostly ripped. I'm sure it could be stitched up for use or just hung up as decoration. I can provide pictures in detail. $600 TYD Thanks, Bill

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