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Bearpaw Mohawk Chief Hybrid Longbow/Recurve

Submitted: 10-Feb-18


Make: Bearpaw/Bodnik
Price: $625.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Clovis6

Detailed Description and Photos:

Clovis6's embedded Photo

Here's your chance to try out both versions of Henry Bodnik's Bearpaw Mohawk Hybrid Longbow/Recurve at a very affordable price. Riser: Mohawk Chief, Bubinga/Micarta, 17", RH (used) Limbs (all make a 62" bow): 55# Longbow (used), 55# Recurve (new), 50# Recurve (used). All are the standard Bamboo limbs with clear glass. Strings: Longbow & Recurve (new) Just to give you a sense of the value here, this package would easily run about $1000 new. The limbs themselves are $180 each when new. You can have everything delivered right to your doorstep for $625 PayPal or USPS M.O. Yeah, I know, I must be crazy. And to answer the question on everyone's mind, yes I will sell the riser with just one set of limbs and one string. The price is $495. This is the same price as a new bow with just the standard Bubinga riser. I previously owned a standard RH riser and am shooting one of the new standard Mohawk risers with my LH setup. In both cases, I much prefer the Chief with the extra weight the Micarta provides. There is also a possibility you can talk me into swapping the 40# recurve limbs for the 40# hybrid longbow limbs I am currently shooting on my LH riser. PayPal or USPS M.O.

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