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Target recurve

Submitted: 06-Dec-17


Make: Any
Price: $200.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: D.U.O.F

Detailed Description and Photos:

I'm looking for any good to expert level recurve. I know target recurves w/ plungers installed for a sight may not qualify as Traditional. I apologize if in wrong place. I can install these if need be, so a top end bow that would be devalued by doing so is not what I'm after. I shoot instinctive from my Tomahawk Long Bow. I'm looking for a 35-45lb recurve for targets all day & a 70# recurve for occasional long distance & ability to hunt in close. As these recurves are primarily target bows I'm more interested in longer recurves but shorter good ones would be considered if forgiving and priced right. I'm honestly not looking to spend over $200.00 right now as I see some FINE bows at this price range here, and for less, new from stores that are good for what I want. I have many manly things to trade but all Archery items are left hand orientated.

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