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Matching camo 17” sky tdx riser with long win&win

Submitted: 13-Nov-17


Make: Sky tdx & winex limbs
Price: $550.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: FFCC firefighter

Detailed Description and Photos:

FFCC firefighter's embedded Photo

Awesome ILF set up. The bow is 62” and 54#@28”. Limbs are Win&Win Winex Longs marked 48# on 25” riser. I am including a dozen Easton xx75 2219’s that are full length with inserts installed with hot melt. These are all created with yellow wraps and yellow 5” feathers....some are 3 fletch others are 4 fletch. Also included is 2 new strings, shorty plunger, quick detach quiver, (6) 150 grain field points, (3) wasp 150 grain traditional sharpshooter broadheads, (3) replacement blades for those broadheads, DAS standard sight mount, and a DAS SRF “B” sight ring. I wanted to mess around with an ILF and it is definitely fun but at the end of the day I just love my longbows. I can do PayPal or postal money order. You can reach me faster by texting me at 7four0- 973-78six7.

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