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1 Recurve and 3 Longbows for Sale

Submitted: 10-Nov-17


Make: Bob Lee/Bear/Kanati/Habu
Price: $400.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Paratrooperx

Detailed Description and Photos:

I still have one nice recurve and 3 longbows in excellent condition for sale, always stored unstrung and hung in a horizontal rack. 1)Bob Lee Hunter Recurve Camo dipped with takedown case 19" riser, 64" AMO, 52#@28". $400 TYD. 2) Bear Montana longbow 2 piece takedown. 64" 50#@28". $375 TYD. 3) JK Traditions Kanati green and black. 60" 50#@28". Less than 100 arrows thru it. $450 TYD. 4) Habu Death Adder 64" 60#@29" (56#@28"). Fast and quiet. $700 TYD. No trades please. I'll accept USPS money orders (preferred) and PayPal. If interested please email me at Because I can't receive the PM's from the website. Thanks for your time and interest. Price negotiable within reason. RLTW!I

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