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3 bows for sale

Submitted: 10-Nov-17


Make: Bear
Price: $200.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: FAIR
Contact Seller: BearPaw

Detailed Description and Photos:

BearPaw's embedded Photo

Hello everyone, i have 3 bows for sale 1st is a modern bear super mag 55@28 in fair condition $200 right handed 2nd is a mid to late 60's bear kodiak hunter. I had to steal the string for one of my other 60in bows. But it shot well and i prefer this grip shape over my 70s greenie. Has holes drilled for a sight that i epoxied closed and has a qiki quiver mount drilled by previous owner. 45#@28 right handed 3rd is a left hand ragrim impala 45@28 was my first bow. Shot very little used it for bow fishing mostly. $115. Thanks everyone for looking.

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