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Toelke Whip 64" 50lb@28" RH

Submitted: 10-Nov-17


Make: Toelke
Price: $550.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: aaron

Detailed Description and Photos:

aaron's embedded Photo

I have an excellent condition Toelke Whip 64" 50lbs@28" RH for sale. The riser wood is Pau Ferro but I am unsure of what the veneers are. I purchased the bow new from Dan in 2011. Since then I had the bow sent back to him to have the weight reduced (it was 55lbs@28"). Because of this the bow was totally refinished, a new leather grip added and shelf and side plate material were replaced. This was done about a year and a half ago. I have only shot a couple dozen arrows thru it since the work was done. It is in PERFECT condition other than a couple black smudges where my GN quiver was strapped on. I assume these would come right off. The bow also comes with a Toelke bow sock and a brand new Toelke string in addition to the string that is on the bow. These are great bows. I'm happy to send pics via text or email. I would like $550 shipped via PayPal if possible. Thanks!

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