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Broadheads to sell or swap

Submitted: 15-Sep-17


Make: Muzzy and slick trick
Price: $1.00
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Gman

Detailed Description and Photos:

Gman's embedded Photo

Looking for 100 grain shuttle t 1). 1 Unopened package of 100 grain Razor Tricks 2). 3 100 grain Razor Tricks ferrules (2 have blades, all three have the locking screws). 3). 1 Unopened package of 125 grain Razor Tricks 4). 3 125 grain Razor Tricks with blades (shot into foam) 5). 1 Unopened package of replacement Razor Trick blades (can go with either 100 grain or 125 grains). 6). -6 Muzzy 125 ferrules with trocar Chisel Tips, 13 blades used for shooting into foam. 14 unused blades. Did not hunt with these I ended up going with 100 grain heads 7). 9 Muzzy MX3 Ferrules with trochar tips, 4 sets of Muzzy practice blades, 4 sets of broadheads that I used for practice, 4 sets that were in my hunting arrows. Only 3 chisel tips show signs

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