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Left Handers for sale/trade

Submitted: 11-Sep-17


Make: Texas RC. Palouse, Hoyt Shakespear, Bear
Price: $135.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Sasquatch73

Detailed Description and Photos:

Sasquatch73's embedded Photo

Last of the lefties. Left to right. 1. "Texas Curve 58#@28" $375 ish" 2. " Palouse T/D Static Recurve 54" 55#@26" $475 ish" 3. " Shakespeare Recurve 58" 55#@28" $135ish" 4. " Hoyt Dorado T/D 60#@28" (as new) $375 ish" " Tried to price right but have not sold bows in awhile so help me out if too high. With this offering and a ton of shafts and arrow components should be able to do some deal. I shoot left or right, also do PayPal. So pretty open if you want to try new bows. Also trades for stuff I need will work.....Thanks! Note: Static curves above are great fun shooting bows but for shorter draws. Great in Blinds and stands>>>>> ALSO- New Bear Super Kodiak 50#er $395, 2 Bear Grizzly 45#ers $295 each. Stickers still on Grizzly's never shot. All Lefties. Photos available email.

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