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Osage Orange and Walnut Longbow, 75# @ 28"

Submitted: 12-Aug-17


Make: John Strunk
Price: $400.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Philip Culbertson

Detailed Description and Photos:

Philip Culbertson's embedded Photo

Beautiful Osage Orange and Walnut Longbow made by John Strunk longbows. This bow was named “The Spirit” made for a friend of mine in 1985 and draws 75# at 28” and is 68” long nock to nock. The bow has elk horn overlays on the tips and is backed with clear glass to show the beauty of the wood. I am letting go of some of my heavier bows since I can no longer handle the weight on a regular basis. This one has turned the deep honey color that Osage turns as it ages. The bow is $400 shipped to your door. More photos on request.

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