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Howard Hill Custom

Submitted: 21-Apr-17


Make: Howard Hill
Price: $600.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: Bowhunter4life

Detailed Description and Photos:

Bowhunter4life's embedded Photo

I gave ASLs a fair shake... Was successful in making meat with it, but in the end I like my R/D longbows and recurves better... This is a 1 of 1 Howard Hill Custom named "Standing Bear" and it's 68", 82# @ 28". Leather wrapped Macassar Ebony checkered riser with dished grip. Rattlesnakes on the back, and silver inlayed bear on one side of the riser and a bear paw on the other... Overall good/excellent condition, with only minor cosmetic flaws from use... I'm pretty open to R/D longbows and recurves on trade, and pretty much any weight... Prefer Thunderstick MOABs 60" and 50# and up weight wise, and like Black Widow recurves, prefer the low grip... Let me know what you have, pictures can be sent to Thanks!

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