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RH Howard Hill Cheetah 64", 41#@28"

Submitted: 20-Mar-17


Make: Howard Hill
Price: $350.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: TOXOPHILIAC

Detailed Description and Photos:

TOXOPHILIAC's embedded Photo

I would have listed this bow as excellent, but it has been refinished. Although it's a decent job, on close inspection there are little flaws here and there in the finish, no dings or scratches though. This is the coolest Howard Hill bow I've ever seen or shot!!! This bow has 2 inches of backset! I've never seen or heard of one before, and I've been shooting trad since 1989. This bow flat smokes an arrow with no compromise to smoothness or shootability. It's a Cheetah so it's drop dead gorgeous! $400.00 TYD, Priority Mail insured. For more pictures call or text Price at 432-553-9690, or email at NO TRADES!!!

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