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for sale

Submitted: 19-Mar-17


Make: cascade. bighorn limbs
Price: $175.00
Category: RECURVE
Condition: FAIR
Contact Seller: luther glover

Detailed Description and Photos:

Have a cascade golden hawk magnum 60# @ 28in. It is a 52 inch bow. Riser looks good. Limbs are kind of plain gray color. It had a small crack on the side of the limb pocket when I got it. Put super glue in it. Have shot it probably a thousand times without any change. Hunted with it a few times and took a has dennis Benn design written on limb. Some scuffs and dings, shoots very well. $175tyd. Have set of custom bighorn limbs, 45# @ 28in 62 inches long, curved limb bed. I do not see a mark on them, shoot great,very quiet, chocolate colored, beautiful. $300tyd. Call any time. Luther glover 252 287 2135

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