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Omega Imperial Longbow - 68" & 45lbs @ 31"

Submitted: 14-Mar-17


Make: Omega
Price: $225.00
Category: LONGBOW
Condition: EXCELLENT
Contact Seller: Fall Gray

Detailed Description and Photos:

Fall Gray's embedded Photo

Omega Imperial Longbow - 68" & 45lbs @ 31" Great bow and great condition!! Smooth, fast, and affordable! This one has an Oak riser and Hickory limbs backed with black glass. I draw 30" and it is right at 42lbs. I would guess it is close to 37/38lbs at 28". Amazing bow for longer draw archers with zero stack! Sorry, no trades right now. Can be had with a Selway slide-on longbow quiver for +$40 Can be had with 5-Carbon Express Heritage 150 arrows for +$40 I will throw in a Finger Tab of your choice (have three to pick from) I can also supply a bow-stringer for +$15 All above for a complete traditional archery package for $300!!! This is an AWESOME bow and what I learned on. Would make a GREAT starter set for someone to try out traditional archery with a small investment. Would prefer a FTF in MI, but will ship to you for $20-$30 depending on location in CONUS. Thank you!

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