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Osage in N.AL. CHEAP!

Submitted: 28-Apr-16


Make: HIM
Price: $100.00
Category: SELFBOW
Condition: GOOD
Contact Seller: BusAL

Detailed Description and Photos:

Here in north Alabama I have for sale (or trade, I reckon) 32 aged osage billets, all suitable for bows. I got more osage than a cave man can use in a lifetime. Just moved the whole pile for about the fourth recent time and decided that this smaller pile of billets are down the list at least twenty years, so realistically, not gonna happen for me. These are not #1s but are suitable for bows. A few are maybe a bit small for a man-sized bows, unless sinewed. Most are fairly clear, for osage. Good rings, enough meat in an end for splicing. They are not straight. They have a bit of wiggle or wave or curve or something. They are bow-wood, though. Some have interesting character you'll want to take advantage of, some you may want to encourage to bend another way with heat These were cut 7,8, and 15 or 20 years ago. Aint gonna mail em, so you'd likely need to be nearby for your trip to get them to be worth it. Got some pics i can text ya but if you've read this far you know you'll just have to look at em to know what's in the pile. Might even let ya look in the other pile if you are interested in great wood.

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