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Silencing ideas for an ILF bow

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thumper2 04-Feb-13
George D. Stout 04-Feb-13
4nolz@work 04-Feb-13
thumper2 04-Feb-13
arrowwood 04-Feb-13
rock74 04-Feb-13
Rick Barbee 04-Feb-13
Rick Barbee 04-Feb-13
Sipsey River 04-Feb-13
thumper2 05-Feb-13
From: thumper2
Date: 04-Feb-13

Hey guys,

I've been trying to quiet down an ILF rig I have. It's a Hoyt Excel 21" riser with Samick 38# limbs, 64" length.

It's louder than I want it to be. I've tried lining the limbs, limbsavers on the limbs, and nothing seems to work this time around.

I've got a SF Axiom 23" riser that is dead quiet from the git go.

I gotta be missing something. Anybody got an idea?

From: George D. Stout
Date: 04-Feb-13

Did you try different tiller sets? Limb timing is essential to a quiet bow. Brace height? Mine likes 8 3/4" (not a Hoyt). What type of string? And what kind of noise is it?

From: 4nolz@work
Date: 04-Feb-13

How heavy are your arrows?

From: thumper2
Date: 04-Feb-13

See there...that's why I love this site.

George, I'm at 8.5" with a D-97 Flemish string. I haven't tried a different tiller on this one. Thanks much for that one.


I'm shooting Easton ST 600's full length, 30". Also, GT 1535 full length. The one arrow that seems to run with minimum noise is a coupla 2117's I have laying around. Those are at 31" with 145 gr. tips.

From: arrowwood
Date: 04-Feb-13

I had a 23" excel w/Samick Unversal limbs that I could never get quiet, unless the brace height was set really high - I gave up.

From: rock74
Date: 04-Feb-13

I have the 21" with short limbs Samick privalage and Black Max and it seems to shoot quiet with the limb bolts in and an even tiller and at the high end of the brace height of 8 1/4. I do have Simms limb savers on the fades and cat whiskers on the string and nothing else.

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 04-Feb-13

I have a 21" Excel with 62# TradTech carbon wood mediums on it.

It is a 64" bow.

Brace height is set to 8.5"

Tiller is set dead even.

I draw 29"

I do have a bow quiver on this bow.

I have acrylic yarn silencers at 10.25" from the tips of the limbs.

I have 3/4" velcro discs (the fuzzy side) stuck on the limbs right at the string groove run out.

I'm shooting 625gr arrows.

The bow has a unique sound to it, but to me is very quiet. Here is a video where you can hear how it sounds. The quilty of sound this microphone produces is really good. I know it is only one shot, but what you hear in the video is the sound I get every shot. Pay no attention to the shooting, or my hick talking 8^) Just listen to the bow.


From: Rick Barbee
Date: 04-Feb-13

Oh & P.S.

I am shooting 3 under, and my nock set is 3/8" above square arrow.


From: Sipsey River
Date: 04-Feb-13

I put a B50 dacron string on my Excel and it is the quietest bow I have ever had.

From: thumper2
Date: 05-Feb-13

Hey Rick,

That wasn't Hick...that was American!

I'm certainly gonna try yer setup.


You're close to home, friend. I'm originally from Birmigham. Got a piece of land outside Oneonta. I hail from South Carolina, now. Summerville.

Thanks for the tip.

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