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rare breed 08-Apr-12
Jhoneil 12-Apr-12
rare breed 12-Apr-12
stykzz 12-Apr-12
From: rare breed
Date: 08-Apr-12

String up, folks!! Central California's premier trad archery event, the Chamberlain Ranch/Santa Ynez Rendezvous, is almost upon us. (April 14-15, 2012 in Los Olivos, CA) Pray for good weather, but with gorgeous scenery, verdant rolling hills blessed with magnificent ancient oaks and some of the best wine tasting country on the West Coast, everything else is up to you and the archery Gods... Shoot Straight, rare breed

From: Jhoneil
Date: 12-Apr-12

I love that shoot! I will try to go but I have a lot of homework!!

From: rare breed
Date: 12-Apr-12

Chamberlain Ranch/Santa Ynez Trad Rendezvous outlook: Looks like the Archery Gods are with us. Latest weather report for Los Olivos, Ca (Santa Barbara County) calls for windy, brisk weather on Saturday followed by abundant sunshine and 70-degree weather on Sunday. Perrrrrfect!! Brace up and bring a quiver full of arrows to fling. See you there... Shoot Straight, rare breed

From: stykzz
Date: 12-Apr-12

I'll be there! But just for Saturday :/. It's a GREAT shoot!

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