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Shakespeare Wonderbow

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Reaper 21-Sep-09
sodbusterjim 22-Sep-09
John Ryan 22-Sep-09
George D. Stout 22-Sep-09
johnbuck9 22-Sep-09
Shaft 17-May-11
Tuckerdog 20-Oct-12
Quiet Man 21-Oct-12
From: Reaper
Date: 21-Sep-09

Picked up a Shakespeare Wonderbow at a flea market the other day.....Bow is in great shape with a few nicks and dings.....Info on lower limb: 35+# H61223C 62" the Ocala Model X17 Front and back of limbs are olive drab green, don't have a clue about the wood but it is a sharp old recurve. Put a string on it and shot some GT3555's and seems to shoot really well. Any info about the year? What is it worth? Can draw and hold this baby all day. Put on a set of whiskers and this bow shot dead quiet. Almost forgot, what is the proper brace height? A new B-50 58" string with about 10 twists falls in around 8 1/2 inches. Thanks

From: sodbusterjim
Date: 22-Sep-09

sodbusterjim's embedded Photo

I collect a few vintage recurves. My favorite is the Shakespeare Ocala. I love the grip, it is smooth and shoots with good speed. Here is a pic of my Ocala with my Rose Oak, they are both 55# at 28" and are within 8 fps with B-50 strings. You picked up a great bow. Sodbusterjim.

From: John Ryan
Date: 22-Sep-09

Brace height is about right. Can't help you with the age. Those are good bows, and on e-bay, around 75 to 100 dollars. They are not too popular today. At least not as much as the Bears.

Date: 22-Sep-09

Check They have all the info on the older Shakespeares and you can usually get a range of manufacturing years plus the correct brace height off the website. I love the old Shakespeares and in time hope to pick up at least several more (I have 4 now).

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 22-Sep-09

The Ocala (60 & 62 inch), and it's little brother, the Kaibab (56 & 58 inch), were top of the line hunting bows for Shakespeare. They are gaining in popularity nowadays as folks actually get to see more of them on auction sites. They are very well designed (Ernie Root) and smaller versions of their high quality target bows....the Root Pendulus Supreme, and the Shakespeare X-10 Professional.

Without a photo, it's hard to tell you the year it was made, but they were made in weights from about 30 pounds to over 60 pounds, normall with risers of bubinga, like the one shown in photo above. If that bow was capable of using non stretch strings, it would shoot with modern bows of similar design. Comparing the limb geometry with your Rose Oak, you can see why the Stahl bow is faster; shorter working limbs, deeper curve and higher preload. That Ocala will drive nails however.

From: johnbuck9
Date: 22-Sep-09

There good bows, That was the first new recurve I bought when I got out of the army in 1969, and was also the bow I killed my first buck with since being in the army. George is correct , I would say either bubinga, or shedua, for riser wood, I really liked mine and thought it really looked cool at the time , wish I still had it about 100 bows later, LOL enjoy your new bow.

From: Shaft
Date: 17-May-11

I just picked a 62in 45# Ocala up on Craigs lsit. Really surperized how much I like the bow. Got a used Martin Venom the same week and they are close in speed and of course I am shooting the $40.00 bow better...ha... Really like it better than several bear and Ben Pearson bows I ahve. I will definately pick up a couple more Shakespeare bows. Thought I would put this for others future reference.

From: Tuckerdog
Date: 20-Oct-12

I have an Ocala x-17 62" 50# and it shoots very well. The purists will cringe but I shoot full length 2213 eastons and 125grn heads and it shoots accurately and very smooth.

From: Quiet Man
Date: 21-Oct-12

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