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First try at making some nice arrows

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Shooter 12-Jul-18
Rough Run 12-Jul-18
Knifeguy 12-Jul-18
GUTPILE PA 12-Jul-18
Buzz 12-Jul-18
M60gunner 12-Jul-18
wolfdog 12-Jul-18
Deno 12-Jul-18
fats 12-Jul-18
reb 12-Jul-18
Shooter 12-Jul-18
Hot Hap 12-Jul-18
ny yankee 12-Jul-18
George Tsoukalas 12-Jul-18
Bentstick54 12-Jul-18
Terry J 12-Jul-18
Mpdh 12-Jul-18
tonto59 12-Jul-18
Nemah 12-Jul-18
Shooter 12-Jul-18
2 bears 12-Jul-18
Shooter 12-Jul-18
Nrthernrebel05 12-Jul-18
Wapiti - - M. S. 12-Jul-18
Sidetract 12-Jul-18
fdp 12-Jul-18
Homey88 12-Jul-18
oldcrowkiller 12-Jul-18
arrowchucker 12-Jul-18
stagecoach 12-Jul-18
MStyles 12-Jul-18
White Falcon 13-Jul-18
G.fellow 13-Jul-18
Nemophilist 16-Jul-18
Shooter 16-Jul-18
nomo 16-Jul-18
From: Shooter
Date: 12-Jul-18

Shooter's embedded Photo

Generally just shoot fletched arrows but wanted to try my hand at some nicer ones.

Lot of work as most of you know but what the heck. Its fun

From: Rough Run
Date: 12-Jul-18

Good looking first run!

From: Knifeguy
Date: 12-Jul-18

They defiantly look better than my first batch!

Date: 12-Jul-18

Good job!!

From: Buzz
Date: 12-Jul-18


From: M60gunner
Date: 12-Jul-18

They look great. Won’ t be as much work next time, more fun.

From: wolfdog
Date: 12-Jul-18

They look great

From: Deno
Date: 12-Jul-18

Lookin'good Shooter.


From: fats
Date: 12-Jul-18

Very nice

From: reb
Date: 12-Jul-18


From: Shooter
Date: 12-Jul-18

Thanks guys

From: Hot Hap
Date: 12-Jul-18



From: ny yankee
Date: 12-Jul-18

Very nice! Yes, it is a lot of work but it's so nice to put them up and say "I did that!"

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 12-Jul-18

Beautiful! Nicely done. Jawge

From: Bentstick54
Date: 12-Jul-18

Very nice looking.

From: Terry J
Date: 12-Jul-18


From: Mpdh
Date: 12-Jul-18

You went into a lot more detail than I did on my first batch, or the last!


From: tonto59
Date: 12-Jul-18

Wow! You sure that's your first go round? Well done.

From: Nemah
Date: 12-Jul-18

Do the nocks have an indicator ridge? Great looking arrows,easy to see during flight! Nice job! Richard

From: Shooter
Date: 12-Jul-18

No indicator ridge What you don't see is the spine is written on the bow side of each arrow right below the nock with a red sharpie.

From: 2 bears
Date: 12-Jul-18

Good job. I would let you decorate my arrows any time. Do you have a cresting machine. >>>----. Ken

From: Shooter
Date: 12-Jul-18

My bad it's is a blue sharpie If you look at the left arrow closely you can see part of the numbers I have since changed to a couple of neatly placed dots on the shelf side with a sharpie if I'm using three solid colors.

From: Nrthernrebel05
Date: 12-Jul-18

Nice job

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-Jul-18


From: Sidetract
Date: 12-Jul-18

good job! I find it quite rewarding building cool arrows. One of these days I'd like to build a bow!

From: fdp
Date: 12-Jul-18

Those turned out nice.

From: Homey88
Date: 12-Jul-18

Very nice!

From: oldcrowkiller
Date: 12-Jul-18

Outstanding job!

From: arrowchucker
Date: 12-Jul-18

It’s addicting, my friend and you just got the free one!! LOL Soon you will have a top line crester and 10-12 different color paint tubes. Then you will try splicing feathers......Oh boy!! Try to get 36 perfectly matched feathers!. Soon....a chopper, then a burner.....more choppers.. You officially have the bug!!

I’m down to about 30 dz or so for my “ personal use” but it was WAY more before I got help and beat the sickness! LOL! Have a blast, and don’t let anybody stop you! There is always another set you want to try! Arrowchucker out

From: stagecoach
Date: 12-Jul-18

Really nice.

From: MStyles
Date: 12-Jul-18

Very nice, better than any arrow that I ever made. I’m usually happy if I can make them fly straight.(poc’s and hickory).

From: White Falcon
Date: 13-Jul-18

Very nice work!

From: G.fellow
Date: 13-Jul-18

Nice job! How do they shoot for you?

From: Nemophilist
Date: 16-Jul-18

Nice. They look good.

From: Shooter
Date: 16-Jul-18

To answer a couple questions

Yes I do have a cresting machine I picked up used here.

As far as how they shoot. Actually a little stiff. I need to increase point weight which I hope will cure that. I sort of messed up and used a heavier spine than what I had been shooting. Won't happen again.

All the pretty in the world is useless if they don't shoot right.

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging replays.

From: nomo
Date: 16-Jul-18

They look good, but you likely shouldn't have done that because now you're hooked. It becomes fun to see how nice you can make them look. Good job.

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