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Big Jim Thunderchild

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TDHunter 12-Jan-18
4t5 13-Jan-18
Bodark 13-Jan-18
Iron ranger 13-Jan-18
Archre167 13-Jan-18
2 bears 13-Jan-18
Thumper 13-Jan-18
hunterbob 13-Jan-18
TDHunter 13-Jan-18
hunterbob 14-Jan-18
Cameron Root 14-Jan-18
BigJim 16-Jan-18
Mountain Man 16-Jan-18
From: TDHunter
Date: 12-Jan-18

I will be coming up on the list this year for a 2pc Big Jim Thunderchild.

And yes I will be speaking directly with Big Jim on the subject

I have a 29.5" draw and I'm trying to decide between the 56 or 58" Thunderchild. I was hoping there were some long-draw Thunderchild shooters who can give me their opinions on which they prefer and why. Cheers

From: 4t5
Date: 13-Jan-18

I never shot a bow that was too long.

From: Bodark Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jan-18

I don't no if this will help,but at one time I had a 44# 56" and one that was 47# and 58 " I don't know if it was # or length but I could group much better with the 58". I draw 29" I also had Shrew bows at the different lengths and the long one always had better grouping I still have the 58" thunder child and it shoots great Gary

From: Iron ranger
Date: 13-Jan-18

Jim will tell you He is super nice to talk to. And I guessing he might have a longer draw length also??

From: Archre167
Date: 13-Jan-18

I prefer the 58" and I draw 29" Just my opinion but the longer bows just feel smoother

From: 2 bears
Date: 13-Jan-18

1" on each end??? Why take the chance with a 29 1/2 draw? Like 4t5 said I never shot a bow that was too long. >>>-----> Ken

From: Thumper
Date: 13-Jan-18

Go longer. The benefits of draw feel will probably be noticeable even if not by much, but you will never notice the difference in physical overall length getting in the way.

Just my opinion.

From: hunterbob
Date: 13-Jan-18

I would go 60" still short enough for ground blinds or whatever you need and at your draw very comfortable.

From: TDHunter
Date: 13-Jan-18

They don't come 60" ,Thunderchilds come 54'56' and 58".

From: hunterbob
Date: 14-Jan-18

Lol. Must of had a brain fart while typing I meant to type 58 inch. That is what I have is the 58" and man is it sweet.

From: Cameron Root
Date: 14-Jan-18

I cant see there being much different that design has long draw built in. The string angles between the 2 is very small. If it's a shorter bow your after that's a good one. The Buffalo is also good they start at 58". I've had both.

From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 16-Jan-18
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I'd go 58" at 29.5" draw... I mean, unless you find yourself in tight spots all the time. I have a 32" draw and shoot a 58" TC and love it. For the heck of it I built a 60" TC to see what I would think of it and I couldn't tell the difference. Sold it the following week. Figured why have a long short bow. A year later I must have thought I didn't give it a fair shake so I did it again. Shot it for a month. Even killed a deer with it. Didn't do anything for me.. I mean it shot fine, but I felt not attachment. My Desert Bighorn is 62" so why have a 60" TC. Sold that one after 3 months.

I won't offer it in 60" because every guy with a 26" draw thinking the pathway to smoothness is a longer bow will order a 60"... then on every thread about the TC you will read "Oh, it was a good looking bow, but it was sure slow" but he won't bother to tell you he couldn't get it any where near it's power curve.

I see this time and time again with guys and there "_ Insert bow name__" Sorry, kind of got carried away here. If you want it to be shorter and are worried about smootheness drop a couple lbs.

Whatever you choose, if you wish you had gone the other way, just call me up and let me know and I'll build you the other bow at no charge... just cost you shipping. Someone will be happy to buy your other one from me. BigJim

From: Mountain Man
Date: 16-Jan-18

That said Big man,,,,,,what bout the other way,,,,56-54-52"? Or is that just silly ; ) Hell,,,,,super thunderchild,,,,48"?

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