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Masters of the Barebow Vol 5 IS HERE

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3R Shooter 22-Dec-17
Clydebow 22-Dec-17
Jim Keller 22-Dec-17
UpNorth 22-Dec-17
Pinwheel 27-Dec-17
Bowlim 27-Dec-17
Shrewski 12-Jan-18
Gvdocholiday 13-Jan-18
Shrewski 13-Jan-18
BenMaher 14-Jan-18
tecum-tha 21-Jun-18
SteveBNY 22-Jun-18
woodsman 22-Jun-18
tecum-tha 22-Jun-18
Bassman 23-Jun-18
trad47 23-Jun-18
SteveBNY 23-Jun-18
fdp 23-Jun-18
From: 3R Shooter Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 22-Dec-17
3R Shooter is a Sponsor - Website

They are now IN-Stock and ready to ship. Get your order in now.

Merry Christmas!

From: Clydebow
Date: 22-Dec-17

Thanks for the heads up.

From: Jim Keller
Date: 22-Dec-17

Thanks. I ordered mine this afternoon.

From: UpNorth
Date: 22-Dec-17

Dang! I just ordered from you guys 2 days ago! Looks like I'll be placing another one shortly...

From: Pinwheel
Date: 27-Dec-17

Got it and watched it yesterday. Good info. Need to watch it again to take it all in.

From: Bowlim
Date: 27-Dec-17

Anything earth shattering? Or mostly the same old same old. I am kinda feeling saturated on this stuff, and there is so much info out there at this point.

Without a download it will be 70 bucks to get this up here, and I wonder if the money is that well spent.

From: Shrewski Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-Jan-18

I’ve got all the Masters and this one has by far the best and most useable information. Lots of good hunting mixed in with the technique and explanations. It’s going to give a lot of guys hope knowing all these shooters including Jason Westbrock have struggled with and overcome target panic.

The bloopers are worth the price of admission.

From: Gvdocholiday Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jan-18

Is this available for digital download?

From: Shrewski Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Jan-18

I’d say just dvd but I’m sure they will be at Kalamazoo and I will ask.

From: BenMaher
Date: 14-Jan-18

The best of the series ! Great stuff and gave me heaps to work on .

Can’t recinmedn it highly enough

From: tecum-tha Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 21-Jun-18

Ok, I got me the copy. From a standpoint of being an instictive shooter the only decent advice came from Rod Jenkins. Jason Wesbrock may be a very good shooter, but he emphasized way too much on his aiming system. For overcoming TP he uses or used a clicker which I assume he still uses. There was not one instinctive shooter besides Dale Karch who only focused on equipment and hardly on his training system. Rod Jenkins was slightly getting into the cause of TP for instinctive shooters, but he did not draw the conclusion why instinctive shooting and system shooters should not use the same training system. Then there were 2 instinctive shooters which now changed to a aiming system. Influenced by the other system shooters I guess. Was it worth the $? I am 50/50 on that.

From: SteveBNY
Date: 22-Jun-18

5 is one of the best in the series. Thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend to anyone serious in taking their overall accuracy to the next level for target or hunting.

From: woodsman
Date: 22-Jun-18

I didn't care much for it..

Discussion on tp continues to lack any serious information that's helpful and having it is really not funny.

"To each his own" We are all different.. I guess it was very informative although maybe not the way it was intended.. Was surprised that Dale gave up his longbows.. Also made me look at Traditional Bowhunter magazine differently..

From: tecum-tha Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 22-Jun-18

Well, a longbow or other lighter weight traditional bows are much harder to shoot than a heavy mass pistol riser recurve. And the new recurves with metal risers are much more and easier tunable to the specific shooter. While this is a good thing when "accuracy is the only goal", I think the sole emphasis on "pinpoint" accuracy comes from plenty of former compound shooters getting into traditional. Another push is the use of technical gizmos wherever possible. This starts to take the simplicity out of traditional archery pretty darn fast. Imho it makes no difference in the real world if you center punch the heart or take out the top or bottom of it. Your hit circle just needs to be within a reasonable safety zone of the real kill zone and in relationship to the size of the animal.

From: Bassman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 23-Jun-18

I gave volume 1 and 2 to all my archery buddies to watch,and the one comment that a got mostly when they gave them back to me was, I am more confused now than i ever have been about shooting a bow.We laugh about it.I think there is some good info. that can be learned by watching those vids,but the bottom line is you have to find what works most comfortably to you as was illustrated in the vids.

From: trad47
Date: 23-Jun-18

I just got volume 3. Rod Jenkins , Ted L, & Denny Sturgis . They covered all he basics of Archery form , which for me was what I needed. I am in middle un learning some bad habits and learning about back muscle isolation and release style ( static vs dynamic). All these.are new to me and have increased my awareness of how I shoot. This from a home schooled instinctive “ pick a spot and let it rip” style shooter .It was money well spent. Will I be competing in the Archery Nationals? I very much doubt it and am not interested in competition shooting.

From: SteveBNY
Date: 23-Jun-18

tecum-tha - Nice theory on the compound crossover, but everyone in #5 started in trad and have pretty much stayed there. All are accomplished hunters - most that is their primary focus in archery.

From: fdp
Date: 23-Jun-18

I haven't watched, and may or may not. Although I have seen some of the others.

Let's be honest, how many times, and in how many different ways can you talk about the same subject? To a virtual audience? There's a limit.

If you were standing there with one of the guys, it would be a lot more beneficial. None of the information that I have seen thus far in the ones I've watched is new and or innovative. Just saying the same things that hve been said and taught for years and years in a different way.

As for addressing TP, I don't think that any of them have human psychology degree's, so, they wouldn't really be qualified to doscuss or analyze from any experience/ppint of view but their own.

As for the progressing toward compound, that's not new either. Folks were seeking the utmost accuracy they could get from bows over 100 years ago. Sights, adjustable rests, higher performcae strings, ets.. That's just how it goes.

Many folks, and I go back and forth, progress from using gear made from all natural materials, to laminated bows and composite arrows, to trying to see how accurate you can REALLY be with a recuver or longbow, And there's nothing wrong with that either.

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