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JParanee 13-Sep-17
JParanee 13-Sep-17
From: JParanee
Date: 13-Sep-17

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Growing up in the world of what is today called traditional archery there have been many legends. Ron LaClair is is one of these legends. I have long followed Ron's exploits and as impressed as I am with his many archery skills including trick shooting, accomplished hunter, Bowyer , etc I'm more impressed in how this living legend comes off as a true spokesman and ambassador to the wonderful world of single string archery.

This story starts with a friend of mine Bill Jinks

Bill is an archery buddy that I've never meet but got to know on the various archery forums over the years

A friendship between us has grown over the years and when he asked me about buying a custom machete/Bush Sword I referred him to a maker I know by the name of James Helm of HELM ENTERPISES

James is a past Forged In Fire Champion and an awesome maker and all around good guy :)

Well the rest is history

Bill posted his new blade which turned out to be one of James Bush Swords on some forums and Ron got a view of it and reached out to James to have him do something for him

I called James up and said man that's cool your making a knife for a living archery legend :)

James said he had known the name from Ron's Shrew Bow days and it would be a pleasure

I love seeing two great craftsman and people get together

This is a quick work in progress of what they came up with

But first the living legend Ron LaClair today at 81

From: JParanee
Date: 13-Sep-17

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