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Bear Riser Quiver Inserts

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sammyg 12-Sep-17
Dan In MI 12-Sep-17
grizzley21 12-Sep-17
sheepdogreno 12-Sep-17
GLF 12-Sep-17
sammyg 13-Sep-17
Bushytail 13-Sep-17
From: sammyg
Date: 12-Sep-17

Anyone here had a problem with the quiver inserts being loose, not glued on Bear T/D risers ?

From: Dan In MI
Date: 12-Sep-17

Yes. They use the simple push in with teeth type bushings. They do not stay in place well.

I prefer the type that when the bolt is threaded in they spread the base out so the it is locked in place.

From: grizzley21 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 12-Sep-17

YES,,, I had one back out on the riser, took a piece of wood with it,,,, I talked to BEAR about this while at denton hill, he just said, the inserts are just pressed in, no glue. you have to watch the length of the bolts also, can not be on the long side, they will drive the insert out of the riser...

From: sheepdogreno
Date: 12-Sep-17

are those 1/4-20 threads? Im wanting to throw an 8 arrow converta on mine and need to know the thread

From: GLF
Date: 12-Sep-17

Yeah, standard is 10/24 but bear still used the old 1/4 20.

From: sammyg
Date: 13-Sep-17

Thanks guys for the help. I got the inserts out of my riser and got them glued back in with some epoxy. The top insert did bring a small bit of wood out with it but they're in good and tight now.

From: Bushytail Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Sep-17

I had that problem with 2 differant Super Kodiaks. I sent my complaint to Bear (email) about it. They never replyed.

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