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One Happy Dad !!!

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Barber 18-May-17
ky_hunter 18-May-17
Homey88 18-May-17
Barber 18-May-17
TrapperKayak 18-May-17
Michigan Hunter 18-May-17
Tradshot 18-May-17
Barber 18-May-17
TGbow 18-May-17
Buzz 19-May-17
Sinner 19-May-17
Archre167 19-May-17
3Ditional 19-May-17
Fall Gray 19-May-17
BOX CALL 19-May-17
nrthernrebel05 19-May-17
Ranman 19-May-17
bodork 19-May-17
UpNorth 19-May-17
Crow 19-May-17
BigB 19-May-17
George Tsoukalas 19-May-17
Renegade 19-May-17
Matt Ewing 19-May-17
hookman 19-May-17
reb 19-May-17
wmb238 20-May-17
RymanCat 20-May-17
Deno 20-May-17
Barber 20-May-17
From: Barber
Date: 18-May-17

Barber's embedded Photo

My girls shoot a lot at home and even go stumping with me. But last week I was on my way to the local 3D shoot after I got off work Saturday and my wife called. Wanted to know were I was, I said on the way to the shoot like I told you I was doing after work . She said the girls wanted to know if I would come get them they wanted to go. So of corse I said yes , get them ready and I'm on my way. This was there first competitive shoot. They shot in the. Cub class, 9 year old and under. My oldest is 8 and she won first place. My youngest is 5 and she won 3rd place. I was off my game that shoot , Traditional class of corse , I came in 4th. I was one proud Dad ! They said from now on they were going to all of them with me. My wife took pic, she did not shoot in this one but was there to help with girls. My wife and girls are shooting in the next one with me. Just wanted to show y'all. Sorry but they took there compounds with them. They do shoot recurves and longbows, but wanted the compound since they shoot them better.

From: ky_hunter
Date: 18-May-17

Thanks for sharing. It doesnt matter what equipment the kids are using. The important thing is that they have fun at that age. Afterall, what good is teaching if you cant make it fun and the more fun they have the better chance they will stick with it. Good job.

From: Homey88
Date: 18-May-17

Great picture barber! Is that an Omega your shooting?

From: Barber
Date: 18-May-17

Homey88, yes this one is my newest Imperial Kegan made me. It is 64 inch 45lb at 28 inch. Oak riser with the G10 option and this bow has green glass limbs back and belly. This bow is smooth !

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 18-May-17

Nice story, great family! :)

From: Michigan Hunter
Date: 18-May-17

I absolutely love seeing posts like this.

From: Tradshot
Date: 18-May-17

Love this! As a soon to be father this is the future that I am looking forward to... ????

From: Barber
Date: 18-May-17

Tradshot, being a dad is great ! When I found out both my kids were going to be girls I thought there goes having a hunting buddy. LOL. These 2 are on the farm every where I go ! Go hunting with me, ride 4 wheelers. If I'm working on a truck or hot rod they are under there with me. If boys are rougher than these two I could not have handled it ! LOL of corse I had nothing to do with them being that way. :)

From: TGbow
Date: 18-May-17

I love to see kids involved in the outdoors. I would be proud too

From: Buzz
Date: 19-May-17


Great job passing it on.

From: Sinner
Date: 19-May-17

That's pretty awesome. Great job with the family and the shooting!

From: Archre167
Date: 19-May-17

Awesome pic and story!

From: 3Ditional
Date: 19-May-17

Compounds or trad, you all enjoyed a great day together. Exactly what memories are made of.

From: Fall Gray
Date: 19-May-17

GREAT pic!!

Date: 19-May-17

Good job,they will be out shooting you in a while.

From: nrthernrebel05
Date: 19-May-17


From: Ranman
Date: 19-May-17

That is fantastic. Making great memories..

From: bodork
Date: 19-May-17

That's awesome! You are very fortunate that your entire family has the same interest!

From: UpNorth
Date: 19-May-17

Love it! Being able to bring your children into your own passion and showing them what it means to you is one of the greatest feelings as a parent. I couldn't go to a shoot without at least one of them even if I wanted to. Congratulations, you now have 2 of the best shooting partners anyone could ever ask for! Just start warming up to the fact that they're gonna start out scoring you before you're prepared! Have fun, shoot straight girls!

From: Crow
Date: 19-May-17

That's great Barber. Proud dad

From: BigB
Date: 19-May-17


From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 19-May-17

Good job! So nice to see young people participating in archery. Jawge

From: Renegade
Date: 19-May-17

Awesome.. Good job Family.

From: Matt Ewing
Date: 19-May-17

Good job!

From: hookman
Date: 19-May-17

Proud looking dad but more importantly happy looking youngsters. Congrats

From: reb
Date: 19-May-17

Their is nothing like having your family shoot with you. great picture.

From: wmb238
Date: 20-May-17

Just outstanding. God Bless

From: RymanCat
Date: 20-May-17

Lord willing they continue as the age and maybe get competitive? Maybe one day they out shoot dear Ol dad.LOL

From: Deno
Date: 20-May-17

Congrats to those young ladies. That's what it's all about!! Lot's of smiles. Well done Barber.


From: Barber
Date: 20-May-17

Thanks y'all ! The oldest one is already about to out shoot me , at least out to 20 yards ! LOL

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