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Shooting the shorter 52" bow.

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Frank V 13-Dec-14
Ghostinthemachine 13-Dec-14
yorktown5 13-Dec-14
Bow Ben AK. 13-Dec-14
Shafted 13-Dec-14
Big Dog 13-Dec-14
OnDao 13-Dec-14
Yeager 13-Dec-14
Lonewolf Jim 13-Dec-14
Pdiddly 13-Dec-14
camodave 13-Dec-14
pete w 14-Dec-14
Panzer 14-Dec-14
BigJim 14-Dec-14
roger 14-Dec-14
Frank132 14-Dec-14
George D. Stout 14-Dec-14
col buca 14-Dec-14
Selden Slider 14-Dec-14
moosehunter 14-Dec-14
Frank V 14-Dec-14
Pdiddly 14-Dec-14
Shafted 14-Dec-14
Robert E Brigham 15-Dec-14
kenwilliams 15-Dec-14
Tomahawk 15-Dec-14
Pdiddly 15-Dec-14
TGbow 15-Dec-14
BabblingBob 15-Dec-14
stagetek 15-Dec-14
From: Frank V
Date: 13-Dec-14

I'm wondering if many shoot shorter bows. I'm restarting to shoot a KMag. that I gave away several years ago to my Nephew, then traded back a month of so ago. I used to shoot this bow a lot, mostly bowfishing for carp. Now I'm shooting it for fun, & am finding I REALLY have to pay attention to my form, it's a light bow & easy to move upon release. I really have to concentrate, I draw an honest 29" I'm 6'3", anyone else shooting a shorter bow who would like to share? Thanks.

From: Ghostinthemachine
Date: 13-Dec-14

I shoot kmags on occasion. They're twitchy but fun bows.

From: yorktown5
Date: 13-Dec-14

I don't believe anyone would recommend a shortie bow as a best pick for any form of toe-the-mark standup archery. But they can shine for the intended purpose.

I've owned 'pert near all of them. My personal observations include:

1. I shoot three under and find the finger to string pinch argument against the short bow isn't much of an issue.

2. "Twitchy" is, I suppose, as good an overall adjective as any, but that isn't a short bow so much as a design/string/tune issue.

3. I have NO accuracy falloff as bow length gets shorter until I get to 52", but the difference isn't much even then.

4. In tight quarters hunting, the short bow shines. Not just in a ground blind, but any awkward shot angle, from tree or thicket. Deliberately choosing bend and twist practice shots and the short bow can be MORE accurate.

5. One reason for a potential accuracy up-tick is drawing into some stack is a "full draw feedback" aid even if a solid anchor can't be achieved.

6. My last argument is for cold weather hunting and heavy clothing, because the more steep string angle lessens the odds of your parka and camo outerwear getting in the way.

As our season winds down here in Wisconsin, my in-the-truck bow is a 52" Pearson Spoiler, which is as quick as any high end brand AND with wider limb stability, I find NO accuracy fall off. Paid $30 on e-Bay when you guys must have been sleeping.


From: Bow Ben AK.
Date: 13-Dec-14

I shoot shorter bows better when there up near my max ( though comfortable ) poundage. This seems to keep them from moving around.

From: Shafted
Date: 13-Dec-14

I love shooting the KM 52" and I draw over 29". I don't have any issues with stacking or finger pinch. The KM is a great hunting bow.

From: Big Dog
Date: 13-Dec-14

Shot an old K-Mag Greenie for more than several seasons a few years ago. Great Hunting Bow for tight spots. Killed my share of deer with it. Regards.

From: OnDao
Date: 13-Dec-14

I'm having fun with my supermag48, horsebow deluxe both 48 inchesn and Black hawk Avenger 52inches. I've got short draw length at 27inches so none of the shorties are giving me perceptable(for newbie) problem. I've got shorter one coming in the future that I'm looking forward to.

From: Yeager
Date: 13-Dec-14

I still own my very first bow I bought back in 1970, a 1966 52" Herters Perfection. I don't shoot it much anymore, but never had a problem with it.

 photo P1060240.jpg

From: Lonewolf Jim
Date: 13-Dec-14

Lonewolf Jim's embedded Photo

I still own and shoot my first "hunting" bow, a 1970 52"-45# Browning Stalker. I also shoot 3 under and don't notice anything different shooting this bow versus one of my 58", 60" or 62" bows.

From: Pdiddly
Date: 13-Dec-14

Pdiddly's embedded Photo

Here's my short bows, except for a Shakespeare Sierra that's in my shop getting a face lift.

I really like shooting them...while they are a bit less forgiving than longer bows it's not as bad as some imagine...I agree with Yorktown5's observations...I shoot split and draw a bit over 27" so no problem with stack or pinch.

I think the extra attention they demand in terms of form and consistency makes one a better archer.

The first three from the left are 50" bows: a 60# Shakespeare Cascade, 51# Browning Cobra 1 and a 55# Herter's Perfection 52 (actually 50" AMO).

The rest are all 52"; a 55# 1976 Kodiak Magnum and a 50# 1967 K Mag, a 45# Blackhawk Avenger, a 45# Pearson Mach 1 and a 52# Browning Nomad Stalker.

From: camodave
Date: 13-Dec-14

I shoot a KMag at about 30 inches...pretty clearly it was never meant to be drawn that long but it works...when my form is solid I shoot all of my bows well...when my form is off I shoot none of my bows well


From: pete w
Date: 14-Dec-14

Nobody told me short bows were hard to shoot until I was shooting them for a few years. I guess I missed that lesson, and I am quite happy I did.

From: Panzer
Date: 14-Dec-14

Check out Tenbrook Archery. The guy is making a 43" recurve that looks pretty wicked. Watch the review video they have posted on their website.

From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Dec-14
BigJim is a Sponsor - Website

I had an employee that bought a kmag from me as his first bow. I never paid much attention to his draw length but he enjoyed how it shot...just loved the bow.

After his customery learn and practice period I asked if he thought he was being consistant enough to tune his arrows. Come to find out he was drawing just over 31"s.

Lesson: No one told him he couldn't do it so he had no problem doing it.


From: roger
Date: 14-Dec-14

I tend to agree with Rick and Jim. 45-50 years ago 52" was pretty much the standard length in hunting bows. Guess no one convinced folks back then that it couldn't be done either, Jim. ;^) You aren't going to find them at a sanctioned IBO event in the hands of one looking to win a tournament, but then again they weren't intended for that application either. The K-Mag may well have killed more game in modern history than any other bow. Having said all that, they are capable of functional hunting accuracy, but there are those who can take advantage of it and those who can't. I also shoot "three under" with a draw that is just shy of 28" and out to 20 yards or so accuracy doesn't suffer.

From: Frank132
Date: 14-Dec-14

I shoot a pearson mach one 54" 3 under 31" draw. As accurate as any. Love those shortys.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Dec-14

Disclaimer: I only draw a micro-tad over 27" and I love the Kodiak Magnum. Here is one shot from forty yards into about fifteen yards. This was a couple years ago in the winter. You will also notice a bit of side wind as well.

From: col buca
Date: 14-Dec-14

My 1970 K-Mag shoots much better w/ the quiver and arrows attached as it lends just a bit more weight that I find helps .

From: Selden Slider
Date: 14-Dec-14

K-Mags are excellent bows. I have a '73 Greenie that has been my hunting bow the past few years. It's 46#@28" and shoots 50# cedars with authority. I notice no stack with my 28" draw. Frank

From: moosehunter Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Dec-14

nice shooting George!

From: Frank V
Date: 14-Dec-14

NIce shooting george, thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for the replies everyone, I was kind of wondering how many people shoot a shorter bow. I'm having fun with this gainsville KMag, & fun should be what it's all about.

From: Pdiddly
Date: 14-Dec-14

I never tire of watching that video of George with that Kmag!

This was a great thread with lots of great comments, pics and observations.

The posts that really hit home with me and mirror my experience were the ones along the lines of " No one told me short bows would be a problem to shoot so I never had a problem shooting short bows."

Very, very true!

From: Shafted
Date: 14-Dec-14

I have watched that video countless times too! I wonder how many self appointed internet archery authorities could shoot half as well... or would dare to post themselves shooting?? I'll put my money on old George!!!

From: Robert E Brigham
Date: 15-Dec-14

several years ago I built my Granddaughter a bow and her dad my son said wow I really like that can you make a short one like that for me? so I built him a 3pc. 54inch take down he is 6ft 2 with a 32inch draw and had a several shot shoot off with a girl on the eagle eye at Denton with that bow he fineally choked and took second place!! REB

From: kenwilliams
Date: 15-Dec-14

I like my K-Mag and I draw a honest 29"

From: Tomahawk
Date: 15-Dec-14

The best shooting I could do with the KMag-52" (29" draw also) was to not grip the bow at all. Can't tell you how many times it jumped out of my hand but I was more accurate by not gripping it.

From: Pdiddly
Date: 15-Dec-14

Hi Tomahawk...KMags have such a nice narrow grip I just circle it with my thumb and index finger touching lightly and let the weight of the bow pull into the web of my thumb as I draw...the bow is not gripped tightly so is not torqued on release and the fact the bow is held loosely by the circled thumb and finger means it is not going anywhere.

George Stout recently posted a thread and some pictures showing that method and his pictures and a couple more comments helped me fine tune something similar I had been doing!

From: TGbow
Date: 15-Dec-14

George, love that video! Shot a Kmag for 13 years. Wish I'd kept it.

From: BabblingBob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Dec-14

Good luck here with short bows, '62 KM in the past and a now, a '72 Head type 52" Red Wing Hunter, but I have a short draw. No stacking, they shot fast, and were as steady as I am.

From: stagetek Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 15-Dec-14

stagetek's embedded Photo

I use one out of a turkey blind on occasion. Great when shooting from a sitting position. I draw 30.5.

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