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Martin Takedowns

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woodsman757 14-Jul-12
larry hatfield 14-Jul-12
Wild Bill 14-Jul-12
somedude 14-Jul-12
Dream Catcher@work 14-Jul-12
Jhoneil 14-Jul-12
felipe 17-Jul-12
T Hunt 17-Jul-12
larry hatfield 17-Jul-12
Selden Slider 17-Jul-12
larry hatfield 17-Jul-12
Quadrafletch 18-Jul-12
From: woodsman757
Date: 14-Jul-12

The 2012 lineup of bows has dropped the Hatfield Takedown model as far as I can tell. Does anyone know if you can still have one ordered or heard any rumors of any new takedown models for 2013?

Does the Hatfield Takedown require tools? Thanks all

From: larry hatfield
Date: 14-Jul-12

i am not working there any longer, so if they made one it would be news to me! the only t.d.bow they have now that i am aware of is limbs from italy on a martin compound riser.

From: Wild Bill
Date: 14-Jul-12

No wrenches needed. Sorry to hear they have dropped that design. I've got a 55# 66" that I love.

From: somedude
Date: 14-Jul-12

I have a hatfield, 55@28 that I LOVE! ><> del

From: Dream Catcher@work
Date: 14-Jul-12

I have one myself and enjoy it. No wrenches needed!

From: Jhoneil
Date: 14-Jul-12

Oh that is not nice! I love my Hatfield! The bow that is - but Larry is ok too ;)

From: felipe
Date: 17-Jul-12

Larry, do you suppose your works, like those of so many other artists, will become increasingly valuable after your time. Not to hurry you along, but your takedowns are industrial strength so there is no way you'll out last them...

From: T Hunt
Date: 17-Jul-12

I just looked at the Damon Howatt web site and they still showed the hatfield in their lineup..It didn't say anything about being discontinued..But I could be wrong!

From: larry hatfield
Date: 17-Jul-12

jhoneill, salamat po! felipe, after thinking about it i've decided i don't want to go. sorry! really, i can't see stuff like that happening but who knows? sometimes after a person dies the storys sort of grow and distort so it may be possible.

From: Selden Slider
Date: 17-Jul-12

I had a Martin Warthog with the "A" riser. Did Hatfield limbs fit on it? The riser had ball bearings between limbs and riser. Frank

From: larry hatfield
Date: 17-Jul-12

that riser had recurve limbs made for it with a reverse wedge to modify the take-off angle. the 2814 limbs do not fit.

From: Quadrafletch
Date: 18-Jul-12

I have two Hatfield risers and three sets of limbs. They are as good as anything out there. I think a lot of people have benefited from Larry's expertise and professionalism. I thank him for the product, the service, and for being willing to share his knowledge with us on this forum. This is a man who truly loves archery and likes to help people.

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