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LiL Archer Delia,,Update!!!

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james in Co 06-Aug-10
Hill Hunter 06-Aug-10
WRV 06-Aug-10
Hawkeye 06-Aug-10
Sterritt Henry 06-Aug-10
Buzz 06-Aug-10
hawkeye in PA 06-Aug-10
Andy Man 06-Aug-10
Riverwolf 06-Aug-10
George Tsoukalas 06-Aug-10
Gaur 06-Aug-10
swampwalker 06-Aug-10
ol-kodiak 06-Aug-10
Chief 07-Aug-10
jeffhalfrack 07-Aug-10
manybows 07-Aug-10
rawdawg 08-Aug-10
tomwatson 08-Aug-10
tobywon 08-Aug-10
Archeress 09-Aug-10
HighPockets 09-Aug-10
silvertip 09-Aug-10
big steve 09-Aug-10
Pahana 09-Aug-10
hitman 15-Aug-10
Altizer 15-Aug-10
parsonbryant 16-Aug-10
From: james in Co
Date: 06-Aug-10

james in Co's embedded Photo

Just wanted to let all leatherwallers know Delia is out of the Hospital and doing terriffic!! she is OFFICIALLY in Remission! currently growing about an inch of real hair!!YEAH!! her labs have all been comming back negative and she is as allways in great Spirit. Took her and family out to the airforce acadamy range on last sunday she shot several targets and got awful tired but had a great time. also some wonderful folks on the wall are building her a bow (pink) with some arrows!! I am so thankful for all the prayers and support of so many we dont even know, yet they were there when she needed them the most!! thanks again and God Bless You everyone!! James and Talia Nichols

From: Hill Hunter
Date: 06-Aug-10

Wonderful picture of a beutiful young lady. I am glad to hear of her progress, went through it with my wife she was given 6 mo. to live. that was 11 years ago and by the grace of God she is still by my side. Its all up to God and he is full of grace and love. best to you all.

From: WRV
Date: 06-Aug-10

That is great to hear!! Prayers will continue......Randy

From: Hawkeye
Date: 06-Aug-10

Wonderful news! Thanks for sharing "the rest of the story" with us. It is always a thrill to see prayers answered in such a beautiful way.


From: Sterritt Henry
Date: 06-Aug-10

Beautiful girl, beautiful smile, continuing to pray for her. Hope she is hunting soon.

From: Buzz
Date: 06-Aug-10

Great news, Thanks.

Tough little lady.

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 06-Aug-10

Thanks for the update, great news indeed. Jeff and Deb. We will give thanks.

From: Andy Man
Date: 06-Aug-10

Good going Delia; our prayers worked; have a good time getting well and shooting your bow

From: Riverwolf
Date: 06-Aug-10

..............what a wonderful young lady Archer ! Thank you for sharing this very personal story with us .

.........and second "ONE TOUGH LITTLE LADY" !

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 06-Aug-10

Thanks for the update. Thank God she is in remission. Jawge

From: Gaur
Date: 06-Aug-10

Thanks as well for the update. Look forward to pictures of her shooting that new bow and arrows.

From: swampwalker
Date: 06-Aug-10

Thanks for the update. See, I told my daughter, prayers do work!

From: ol-kodiak
Date: 06-Aug-10

You go Delia!!! Still prayin' for ya'll, and confident He will continue to bless you.


From: Chief
Date: 07-Aug-10

May the good Lord keep his hand on her and her family.

Prayer from Minnesota



From: jeffhalfrack
Date: 07-Aug-10

Give her a big hug from new york!!!! JW

From: manybows Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 07-Aug-10

May God bless all the children.Prayers from Minnesota.

From: rawdawg
Date: 08-Aug-10

praise god and happy to hear of her update. congrats.

From: tomwatson
Date: 08-Aug-10

God Bless, she is very cute with her bow. I am sure she will be out shooting the guys in no time.


From: tobywon
Date: 08-Aug-10

Happy to hear the Great news

From: Archeress
Date: 09-Aug-10

FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! Continued thoughts and prayers...

From: HighPockets
Date: 09-Aug-10

Needed this! Gotta stop reading the news so much and think about little girls like this more! She probably has more resolve in her little finger than all of us do in our whole body!

Way to go, prayers answered.

From: silvertip
Date: 09-Aug-10

Been one of those days that I really needed to hear some great news like this... just awesome, ain't God great !!!!. Sush a sweet smile on that child.


From: big steve
Date: 09-Aug-10

thats wonderful ill pray for continued recover


From: Pahana
Date: 09-Aug-10

Great news for sure! prayers will continue.

From: hitman
Date: 15-Aug-10

That is great news. Delia,it's ok to outshoot you elders. Good luck to you from now on.

From: Altizer
Date: 15-Aug-10

Delia, I am so happy to see you are well. I am proud of you and the fight you have fought. God laid you on my heart and we kept you in our prayers. Don't ever forget what he did for you. Thank you for the big smile you gave my heart when I heard you are doing so well. James, I am happy for your family. I know how bad I feel when my kids have a cold, I can't imagine what you have been through. Gog bless al of you.


From: parsonbryant
Date: 16-Aug-10

Girl,You have put a JESUS smile on my face this morning.Continuing to pray for you."OL P"

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